Current Project



Past Projects:

In 2012, I was given an initial $11,000 grant to work with the Grand Central Art Center, a Southern California contemporary art institution with a mission focused on creating collaborative and mutually beneficial outcomes through creative process. The Artist-in-Residence program provided me with a dedicated apartment and studio to work in thus provided me with time and space away from my normal work environment and community, creating the opportunity for expanded collaboration, exchange, growth, resources, knowledge and discovery. For an aspect of my residency, I worked as a community organizer, project advisor, researcher and media mentor for The Raitt St. Chronicles: A Survivors Oral History. In a team structure, we co-developed an oral histories project that dealt with stories of the survivors of violence, in a neighborhood known as the Townsend District in Santa Ana. This was designed through a collaboration with the Santa Ana Public Library Teen Space program “young historians” and Sharon Sekhon PhD, Professor, CSUF American Studies. We received a $10,000 California Community Stories Grant to initiate the project. This grant was raised in addition to the artist’s fee I was given to as resident artist. As a critical aspect of my residency, I conducted outreach to and developed working relationships with the City of Santa Ana, SACReD – Santa Ana Collaborative for Responsible Development, El Centro Cultural de Mexico, the Mayday Coalition, the Kennedy Commission, OC OCCORD, Santa Ana Public Library, United Artist of Santa Ana and Garfield Elementary School. This residency led to another grant in the form of public art commission within the City of Santa Ana. During my residency, I created the Social Design Collective LLC to help administer a $100,000 public art commission.